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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Big Changes!

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Lots of big changes are happening to my family

I don't mind change once in a while, but it always seems that when one change does come, a whole bunch of other changes have to follow.

One good change was our new addition to our family.

Meet our new baby girl!

My 2 year old just loves her!

Maybe a little too much.

I have to watch her very VERY closely now.

Husband got a job promotion (which again is a good change), but we'll have to move (can't decide if moving is a good change or not).

I love this house.
It's old but we made it ours. It's our first home.
We got it and fixed it up.

There were so much more I wanted to do with it but won't now.

And for those who saw my Kitchen Cabinets Post,
so so sorry, but I won't be able to paint them.
(You guys convinced me to do it too!)

Anyway, I guess life goes on and I'll just have to take it as it is. And do the best I can.

Now as for my blog!

It's going to have to switch gears, again, to meet my needs.

For a few months we are going to be renting a home owned by my Husbands parents. And it needs some good attention. My blog may turn to more of an organizing/cleaning blog than a crafty blog.

(I'll try to squeeze some crafts in, but it's hard for me to craft when my space is dirty and unorganized).

We'll see how things go.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

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Well my motivation to do much has
slowed down the last few weeks.

Baby #2 is coming any day now (another girl).

However, it feels that I've been in labor for over a month! This pregnancy is kicking my butt!

I try to satisfy my nesting crave,  but then the next few days pay for it and be bedridden.

Not fun with a 2 year old. Good thing Netflix saves the day with Dora or Sesame Street.

When I do get some extra energy I do a few things like making some freezer meals.

Will be nice to have a stock of these when the new baby's here.

And playing with my new Christmas toy!

Canon EOS Rebel T3  / 1100D Digital SLR Camera Review

Still trying to figure it out, but can't wait to use it on my future projects!

Or you can find me reading when I can't move.

Right now I'm reading this on my Kindle...

I love this story. I'm not much of a reader, and this one can be a doozy. So to help me I'll add this to my curriculum...

and this older version...

and this one just for fun...

There are so many others I still need to watch!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Spray Painting Vents

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I hope you all had a Merry Christmas this year!

Now life can get back to normal.

Funny how it seems everything you do during the Holidays revolves around that one day. Then it's over and life just goes back to the way it was.

Sorry my mind wandering...

Well I found more to spray paint! My vents!

They were looking pretty bad. To just buy new ones I would have to get some of them custom fit too.

So again spray paint to the rescue!

These really needed rescuing too.

This post pretty much feels like a repeat of my Kitchen Cabinet Handles since the same steps apply.

Step 1) Remove and clean vents

Step 2) Spray light coats of primer. I used Krylon Metal Black  Primer Spray Paint. At least 2 coats.

Remember light even coats do avoid drips. (The first picture I got too ancy and you can see some drips : p)

I did the bottom first then the top.

Step 3) Spray paint light coats of finishing. I used Krylon Metal Black Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint.

I just did the tops this time since no one can really see the bottoms anyway.

Step 4) Let dry and finished!

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

To Paint or Not to Paint My Kitchen Cabinets

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For years I've been debating if I should
paint my kitchen cabinets.

I keep going back and forth.

I just don't LOVE my cabinets. I look at them and think, "HELLO 1985!"

My husband doesn't want me too. He says that they are in good shape and really doesn't look as awful as I think. And just because the wood color isn't in style means we should paint them to go with the current trend.


Then a little more about my upbringing...

For generations my family has been the furniture business. I remember growing up friends would ask if my house gets new furniture every other year or so.

Surprisingly no.

My parents knew what to look for in furniture. They would save and go for the high quality solid wood stuff. And then get it for a good deal since they sold it (and only if no interested buyers were wanting it too).

My siblings and I had the same bedroom sets all our lives growing up. The dining room table is over 30 years old and rock solid wood. (I'm actually inheriting it when my parents move to a smaller retirement home!)

Anyway I told my family some of my ideas with my cabinets and they just CRINGED!

"Never paint real wood!!!" they would say.

"Painting wood is just a trend. Trends don't last very long. Your cabinets are oak. Oak is a classic and will be back in style before you know it."


I know they're right. So I don't really think I could really bring myself to do it.

Unless you can convince me otherwise.

I do love looking at other bloggers that had the guts to just paint theirs.

Then I would just dream about what I could do with my kitchen.

So many ideas I have...

I thought this look may be doable for my kitchen.

What do you think?

Are you for painting wood or against it?

Should I paint mine?

Have you, or would you, paint yours?

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Re-do Cabinet Handles

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The "fix it" list for a home seems never ending. There's always something to fix. The list has it's priorities too. Whatever is a dire need is what gets fixed first. Other things just have to wait. Some things you just learn to live with.

Finally I got to one of those things that was near the bottom of the "fix it" list. 

My kitchen cabinet handles.

The good part is that it was about $10!

They were old, some broken, or missing, and UGLY!

I lived with it because it was mostly just a cosmetic fix and it was going to cost a little too. Maybe not much but other things would usually have more priority in our monthly budget.

Thanks to blogging I've learned so much about upcycling and repurposing. So a new coat of spray paint was what they needed!

I can't believe the difference it has made! I really wish I would of known to do this earlier.

Here's how.

Step 1) Unscrew the handles and clean. I soaked mine up in a bucket of diluted ammonia. I used ammonia because many of then had years of muck and grease on them. Especially the ones above my oven.

Step 2) Once cleaned and dried spray paint a coat of primer on them. I used Krylon Black Metal Spray Paint. Do light coats to avoid drips. I did two coats.

Step 3) Once the primer dries spray paint the finishing coat. I used Krylon Black Oil Rubbed Bronze. Again light coats to avoid drips. I did two coats.

(I love this color because it leaves a tint of brown shine on it).

So much better!

Since I had some missing I replaced them with a drawer handle. I'm glad this is a style now. (It would of been hard to replace them with the same exact ones).

I love this spray paint. I found another thing to paint too!

My front porch railing was looking pretty old. So used the same paint to fix it up! Now I'm looking at what else I can paint!

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Monday, November 21, 2011

My Oven

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I have to admit something...

It is soooo embarrassing...

And disgusting...

Something I've put off for far too long...

But I hope I'm not the only one who is guilty...


I have lived in my house for over four years now and never cleaned the inside of my oven!


The task seemed so daunting.

Actually it was daunting because I don't have the luxury of a self cleaning oven. I so wish we could just buy a new one, but that won't be an option for a long time.

It took me all day.

But I did it!

Thanks to the prego nesting itch.



Here it is on the outside...

(I do clean it on the outside often. It was the inside that was scary!)

Now the BEFORE on the inside...

Look away if you must!

I told you! GROSS!

This picture just doesn't give it justice.
It's worse looking in real life.

But it's okay now. Here's the AFTER

I can also thank this stuff...

Just spray, wait, then wipe.

Open a window too. The fumes almost killed me!

(It also likes to leave a white film. I just used diluted vinegar spray to get that off)

And thanks to this stuff too...

My new cleaning love, Organge Shine.

I used it on the outside. Great for getting those tough grease stains.

I even separated the oven doors to get the drips in between the best I could.

Then another trick is to put the grates in a garbage bag with a few cups of ammonia for a day.

I also do this for my stove burners.

Give it time to soak that in.

Put it outside so the fumes don't choke ya.

Then just rinse and wipe.

Here it is all finished!


You can add some aluminum foil at the bottom for a quick clean up.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Dried Leaf Candle Holders

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I gotta say that by far Autumn is my favorite time of year. My living room has an Autumn type of feel to it year round. So before Thanksgiving is over I wanted to squeeze in just one more fall craft before Christmas.

Once a month a few of friends get together and have a Craft Night. It was my turn to host in November. I will say that there are not very many Thanksgiving crafts out there  (at least one you can do with 5-6 people for real cheap).

I saw this done on Pinterest using a mason jar. I had these vases sitting in my "to craft" box that would go perfect. (I got them at Dollar Tree).

So off to the park to collect REAL leaves! That was kind of fun on it's own too.

Anyway here are the supplies:

Real fall leaves (you don't want them too large or too dry). They need to be flexible for best results. Different kinds and colors too make it fun.
Vase or jar of some sort
Mod Podge and sponge brushes
Scissors and glue gun
T light (I'm not comfortable using real candles in these)
Embellishments if desired like ribbon, pine cones etc.

Step 1) First collect your leaves and press them flat in a large book for a few days.

Finally my husbands school books getting some use lol. 
He wont let me throw some of them away yet.

The leaves were still a little flexible after a few days which is perfect. The drier they are the more difficult they are to manipulate and stick to the glass.

From the pics above I put the different leaves in sheet protectors which made it easier for the group to choose what leaves they wanted.

Step 2) Mod Podge a section on the INSIDE of the glass that will fit your first leaf.

Then place your leaf in it (the more colorful side facing out) and hold as long as necessary.

Tips: It can be tricky at first. Some leaves will stick nicely while others wont. You can use more Mod Podge. But less is better. Or try another leaf if one is being stubborn.

I snipped the stems off too.

Also, if possible, try to keep your Mod Podge brush strokes one direction. It will look smoother once dried.

Just be patient. I promise it will look good when finished.

Step 3) Continue same as step 2 with more leaves.

More tips: I liked using small to medium sized leaves most. It may depend on the size of your vase.

Also the yellow maple leaves are nice because the light can illuminate through them where the darker ones not as much. 

So I would mostly use yellow leaves and then other colors as an accent.

And to have some spaces between the leaves will help light shine through them too.

Step 4) Once you fill your vase to your heart's content Mod Podge now the all the back of the leaves on the INSIDE to seal them in.

Step 5) It should look like a very goopy Mod Podge mess!

But TRUST me it will take a few days to dry completely. The girls at Craft Night were a little nervous about it but I promise it will turn out.

Step 6) You can stop here if you wish or add some cutsie embellishments if you like.

Now turn the lights out and go OOOh Awww!

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